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dina kraft

Veteran Reporter – Dina Kraft

Dina Kraft has been capturing stories from Israel for more than 20 years as a correspondent for Haaretz and The Christian Science Monitor. The veteran reporter is also the founder of “The Branch,” a monthly podcast where she meets pairs of Jews and Arabs working together in different realms throughout Israel. Formerly with The Associated Press, Dina has reported from hot spots in Africa, Pakistan, Jordan, Tunisia, Russia and Ukraine, and is a regular contributor to The New York Times.

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Nicki Forman

Yoga Star – Nicki Forman

Born in South Africa, Nicki Forman was a lawyer before turning her attention and her heart to yoga. She spent the next twenty years searching for the right yoga philosophy, schlepping her young family around the world from one ashram to another. It was on one fateful trek in India that Nicki had an out-of-body experience where she fell into her own teachings that led her to found Aruna Yoga and inspire people across Israel and the world.

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Miriam Cabessa

Performance Artist – Miriam Cabessa

Miriam Cabessa is one of Israel’s most iconic contemporary artists, who uses unconventional tools, including hey body, to create large-scale paintings. She talks about her obsession with painting, finding spirituality and her renewed passion for Israel.

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daniel shinar

Investor & Author – Daniel Shinar

Daniel Shinar has invested over $100 million into Israeli technology companies for Access Industries, the investment vehicle of the world’s 27th wealthiest person. Daniel is also the best-selling author of cyber espionage novel “Red Skies” based on his previous life as an IDF intelligence analyst.

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Eytan Levit

Mixtiles Founder – Eytan Levit

Eytan Levit co-founded Mixtiles with a mission to become the standard way for people to mount photos on walls. Eytan has taken that astonishingly simple concept to grow a business generating tens of millions of dollars and employing talent all over the world. Eytan is known and loved throughout Israel for mentoring founders with lessons learned from his past failures and ultimate success.

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Reem Younis

Serial Entrepreneur – Reem Younis

Co-founder of construction tech company Alpha CAD and medical device company, Alpha Omega, Reem Younis is a role model for Israeli Arab entrepreneurial success in Israel. Reem tells an unlikely story of leaving her village in Nazareth and meeting the love of her life, and cofounder, at The Technion. Reem now works to support other young Arab Israelis to follow in her footsteps.

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Dor Skuler

Intuition Robotics – Dor Skuler

Skipping college to launch a startup, Dor Skuler is on a mission to bridge the gap between humans and robots. His company, Intuition Robotics, is now powering digital companions for the elderly and copilots for drivers, among other fascinating use cases. Dor has raised tens of millions of dollars to realize his vision and bring robots to life.

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Barak Ben Ezer

Crypto Pioneer – Barak Ben Ezer

After spending six months on a tiny island nation in the north pacific, Barak Ben Ezer is ready to launch the first sovereign digital currency into the world. In this episode, Barak talks about the positive impact of crypto, the ancient art of canoe sailing, his morning rituals and being a seventh generation Israeli.

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Gigi Levy

Venture Capitalist – Gigi Levy

How did Gigi Levy’s name become synonymous with Israeli venture capital? In this episode, Anouk and Barak sit down with Gigi and dive deep into his journey - from an entrepreneur 10-year-old, to Apache helicopter fighter pilot, to CEO, to investor and co-founder of NFX. Gigi talks about his greed to create, being a father, backing legendary founders, impact and his plans to climb Kilimanjaro with his daughter.

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Inbal Arieli

Chutzpah Author – Inbal Arieli

Born and raised on hummus and chutzpah, Inbal garnered her entrepreneurial skills in the IDF where she served as a Lieutenant in the elite intelligence unit 8200. On this episode, Inbal talks about how Startup Nation starts on the playground, how balagan breads success, and her new guide book for dealing with the unpredictability of life and business the Israeli way.

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Eli Beer

Life Saver – Eli Beer

When Eli Beer witnessed a terror attack at the age of six, he knew he wanted to save lives. By sixteen, he was an EMT on his way to disrupt an entire system. In this episode, Anouk and Barak share a moving conversation with Eli, self-proclaimed “Master Meshuggeneh”, about coining the “ambucycle”, breaking social barriers, life, loss, and putting United in United Hatzalah.

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Dorin Frankfurt

Fashion Designer – Dorin Frankfurt

Israeli fashion designer Dorin Frankfurt’s is renowned for her signature lipstick, dark sunglasses, creativity, politics, and robust career. But who is the person behind the namesake brand? And how did she build a fashion house? In this episode, Anouk and Barak share a genuine conversation with Dorin about fashion, politics, yoga, sustainability, family, fear, and her secret to crystallizing an idea.

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Jon Medved

OurCrowd Founder – Jon Medved

Jon talks about the Sabbath, women, Vietnam, Jerusalem, money and his intention never to slow down.

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Ivri Lider

Pop Star – Ivri Lider

One of Israel's most famous contemporary musicians, Ivri Lider is a multi-faceted artist beloved by a nation. But who is the man behind the icon? And is he really as nice as he seems? In this episode, Ivri sits down for a frank and funny conversation with wife and husband duo Anouk and Barak to talk about fame; mindfulness; his unintended status as a gay symbol; what the real value of money is and his desire for a family.

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Barak Yehezkeli

Celebrity Chef – Barak Yehezkeli

This week on Founder Stories, we get palatably philosophical with chef and TV personality Barak Yehezkeli. We discuss subjects as varied, fascinating and hilarious as smoking a bong from a coconut; spending months aging cheese in an Indian hostel; not being a millionaire and creating Israel’s most famous and entertaining “restaurant without borders.”

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Founder Stories – Trailer

Founder Stories is all about the life, journey and chutzpah of Israel’s visionaries in business, life and culture.

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Technology Powerhouse – Einat Orr

In this edition of Founder Stories, Einat tells us of her journey from tomboy, to getting her Ph.D. in mathematics, to chief technology officer of a company with over 400 employees. Einat talks about teamwork, methodology, what good leadership is, and what it’s like being a woman in a male-dominated tech world.

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3D Fashion Designer – Danit Peleg

Fashion revolutionary, Danit Peleg, created the first-ever fashion collection printed entirely in 3d using a desktop printer and it took the world by storm. What started as Danit’s school project, while finishing her fashion studies at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in 2015, quickly made her an overnight sensation.

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Oriient Founder – Mickey Balter

In this edition of Founder Stories we sit down with Mickey Balter, co-founder of Oriient, the first company to make GPS available indoors. Mickey shares the insights derived from his journey as a founder, tips for fundraising and what the meaning of success truly is.

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Eran Vanounou

Varada Founder – Eran Vanounou

We sat down with Eran Vanounou, a bona fide startup veteran and current CEO of Varada to hear about his journey in the innovative ecosystem he’s been contributing to since 1998.

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Lee Rotenberg

Ivy Founder – Lee Rotenberg

Lee Rotenberg is a powerhouse. She is the Co-Founder of Ivy, the number one software for home remodeling pros to run their business.

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Maor Shlomo

Explorium Founder – Maor Shlomo

Through Explorium, 25 year old Maor is disrupting the market and changing the way the data part of data science is done.

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Tom Teman

Portis Founder – Tom Teman

We sat down with Tom, who just celebrated his first year as Co-Founder and CEO of Portis.

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Yariv Bash

Flytrex Founder – Yariv Bash

Visionary and creator, Yariv Bash, is responsible for both food delivery to make it to your backyard via drones and for Israel to make it to the moon.

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