Founder Stories

Eli Beer

United Hatzalah Founder – Eli Beer

In this episode, Anouk and Barak share a moving conversation with Eli, self-proclaimed “Master Meshuggeneh”.

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Dorin Frankfurt

Fashion Designer – Dorin Frankfurt

Israeli fashion designer Dorin Frankfurt’s is renowned for her signature lipstick, dark sunglasses, creativity, politics, and robust career. But who is the person behind the namesake brand?

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Jon Medved

OurCrowd Founder – Jon Medved

Jon talks about the Sabbath, women, Vietnam, Jerusalem, money and his intention never to slow down.

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Ivri Lider

Pop Star – Ivri Lider

One of Israel's most famous contemporary musicians, Ivri Lider is a multi-faceted artist beloved by a nation.

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Barak Yehezkeli

Celebrity Chef – Barak Yehezkeli

This week on Founder Stories, we get palatably philosophical and with chef and TV personality Barak Yehezkeli.

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Founder Stories is all about the life, journey and chutzpah of Israel’s visionaries in business, life and culture.

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Eran Vanounou

Varada Founder – Eran Vanounou

We sat down with Eran Vanounou, a bona fide startup veteran and current CEO of Varada to hear about his journey in the innovative ecosystem he’s been contributing to since 1998.

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Lee Rotenberg

Ivy Founder – Lee Rotenberg

Lee Rotenberg is a powerhouse. She is the Co-Founder of Ivy, the number one software for home remodeling pros to run their business.

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Maor Shlomo

Explorium Founder – Maor Shlomo

Through Explorium, 25 year old Maor is disrupting the market and changing the way the data part of data science is done.

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Tom Teman

Portis Founder – Tom Teman

We sat down with Tom, who just celebrated his first year as Co-Founder and CEO of Portis.

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Yariv Bash

Flytrex Founder – Yariv Bash

Visionary and creator, Yariv Bash, is responsible for both food delivery to make it to your backyard via drones and for Israel to make it to the moon.

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