Founder Stories

Founder Stories is all about the life, journey and chutzpah of Israel’s visionaries in business, life and culture.
We bring you intimate stories, lessons learned and practical advice from Israel that will surprise and inspire you.

Eran Vanounou

Eran Vanounou – Varada

“The way I see it, success is a triangle comprising of people<>technology<> business.” We sat down with Eran Vanounou, a bona fide startup veteran and current CEO of Varada to hear about his journey in […]

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Lee Rotenberg – Ivy

“You know you’re on the right path when the push you give to an idea accelerates that much faster because of an undeniable pull.“ Lee Rotenberg is a powerhouse. She is the Co-Founder of Ivy, […]

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Maor Shlomo – Explorium

“You get so many “slaps in the face” in the beginning and so many crazy highs and lows in a single day. And if you’re not feeling that rollercoaster, it means you didn’t do something […]

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tom teman

Tom Teman – Portis

“If I had a time machine, my past self wouldn’t listen to future self. Certain things you just have to experience.” When is comes to blockchain technologies, Tom Teman is a true visionary. We sat […]

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Yariv Bash – Flytrex and Space IL

“A week after my injury, I came back to being conscious and one of the first things I did was ask my wife for my cell phone. I Googled two things: Life expectancy in wheelchairs […]

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